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Metal-polymer self-lubricating composite bearings

Structure Characteristics

KSOB Metal-polymer self-lubricating composite materials consist of metal backing sintered porous bronze with PTFE polymer as working layer. The metal backing provides mechanical strength, while the bronze sinter layer provides a strong mechanical bonding between the backing and the bearing lining, the PTFE polymer offers exceptional low friction even under dry condition and the thermoplastic polymer is generally designed to operate with marginal lubrication. The construction promotes dimensional stability and improves the thermal conductivity. This material meets the demanding criteria for long life and trouble-free performance with or without lubrication.


Automotive: tractors, crop sprayers, earthmovers, auto machines, specific uses in power steering cylinders, steering gear thrust washers, disc brakes, shock absorbers, windshield wiper motor...
Business machines: duplicator, fax machine, automatic printing devices, mail processing machinery...
Hydraulics and valves: pumps including gear, rotary, water, axial piston, and other types, ball, butterfly, poppet steam, and other valves and valve trunnions...
Home appliances: tape recorders, refrigerators, air conditioners, cleaners, polishers, sewing machines, ovens, dishwashers, clothes washing machines...And materials handling, marine engine, packaging, textile equipment, tools...etc.

According to the different working conditions and environmental protection, there are steel backing, bronze backing, stainless steel backing can be chosen, different type of alloy can be chosen, the PTFE layer with polymer filler and it is lead free, the Surface tin or copper plating. product range includes KSOB-10、KSOB-11、KSOB-40、KSOB-41、KSOB-1SS.