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KSOB650 Metallic self-lubricating bearings

Structure Characteristics

KSOB solid self-lubricating bearing materials consist of high strength metal with solid lubricants embedded, the metal hashigh load capacity and solid lubricants provided low friction during the operation, this construction reduces maintenance costfor both bearing and machinery. Based on the above technique theory, we developed KSOB550 steel shell cast bronze withgraphite plug bearings for economic and impact load application,KSOB250 steel with graphite plug bearings and KSOB850dispersed solid lubrication bearings for lower friction applications.

Material Properties

● Allows maintenance-free and long-life operation;
● Suitable for high static and dynamic loads;
● With low and smoothly coefficient of friction and without stick-slip effects;
● Suitable for dirty, corrosion, impact load and edge loading;
● The base material provided a good shock-absorbing capacity;
● Can be used over a large temperature range;
● Suitable for reciprocating, rotating and oscillating movement with start frequency and difficulty to form oil film occasions;
● With low wear rate and long life service.


Injection molding machine, automotive moulds, hydrocylinder, gear case, gas turbine, water turbine, Crane support...|
According to the different working conditions, different type of alloy can be chosen, product range includes KSOB650、KSOB650S1、KSOB550、KSOB250、KSOB600.