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KSOB-800 Bi-metallic composite bearings

Structure Characteristics

KSOB Bi-metallic composite bearing material consists of steel backing with lead bronze or lead-free copper alloy(CuPb10Sn10、CuPb6Sn6Zn3、CuPb24Sn4、CuPb30、AlSn20Cu)lining, bearing material for oil/grease lubricatedapplications. The copper alloy forms a continuously frame for thermal conductivity. These bearing structures are with highload capacity and good fatigue property. Higher tolerance can be achieved after re-machined from the customers. Lead-freebronze lining bearing material conforms to the European RoHS directive.


Angineering machine: underpan, thrust wheel, Towing wheel, Steering knuckle,tension pulley...Automotive:trunnion shaft, connecting rod, valve rocker, camshaft, gear box, internal-combustion engine,And Plunger pump friction plate, gear pump friction plate...

According to the different working conditions, different alloy material (CuPb10Sn10、CuPb6Sn6Zn3、CuPb24Sn4、CuPb30、AlSn20Cu、CuSn8Ni)can be sintered on steel backing. product range includes KSOB-820、KSOB-800、KSOB-720、KSOB-700、KSOB-200、KSOB-08G.